what do you need to make your visibility better?

Gauging your Needs?

Whether its simple functionality, or design excellence; everything has it's value. When building a promotional solution that brings exponential interest for your firm -- success is measured vertically. SO, how cool would it be to have your business explode onto the radar of your target audience?

There's no substitute for a clean, design rich architecture that yields the success you are happy with. It has to be worthy of putting a signature on.

Clear Objectives - A Matter of Trust

ne focus. -- No one will question the value of something that looks awesome. But if personalities, costs, and timelines dilute the development process, the result will inevitably be... a project debacle. And you've probably seen it happen before. Your creative project gets off track, costs soar, and timelines slide.

No one wants that - you need to trust your design professional to accomplish the "look" you want with the results that make the experience pleasant. The focus of any design professional should be to launch and fortify YOUR business into a solid design environment that accomplishes goals that can be measured incrementally. It's a matter of trust.


No problem working on/in most any environment or medium.


Portfolio of skills - a sort of "utility-belt" of resources from which to draw from.


Who wants a designer that doesn't occasionally think about his projects while surfing?


Have no problem changing direction midstream if the need is there.


Prefer to leave bread crumbs for collaboration and structure.


Solid grasp of character width, gliphs and applied fluidity.